Mluvme Spolu Kids — Questions for the younger generation.

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Mluvme Spolu Kids offers fun conversation starters for families with kids. This 80-card game includes a variety of questions and ideas to help kids bond and express themselves. Get your kids talking today!

The questions can easily and gently open up a child who is fundamentally turning towards life in a healthy manner. However, it's important for us, as parents, to be well-prepared for these conversations.

The questions raise sensitive and important topics, thus providing opportunities for sensitive and important answers. The more honest the answers are, the more we can learn about what drives our children, how they see the world, what's good for them, and what's not.

There are no hard rules, no right or wrong answers in this game. The sole purpose is to focus on each other for a while and discuss things we might not otherwise talk about.

As guidance for the game, we have included some instructions for adults.

The game is recommended from the age of 5, but there are questions intended more for the 8+ age group, which we have marked separately. Of course, it's up to parents whether they pose these questions to younger children.

Box contents: 80 cards
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